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Maintenance & Repair

Here At AV Motorsport We Strive To Make Sure Your Vehicle Is In Tip-Top Shape Before We Send It Back To You, Below Is A List Of Some Of The Many Maintenance And Services We Provide To Help You Keep Going On The Road, For Specific Vehicles Maintenance Please Call Us.


When was it last changed? Don’t know or have other questions? Hop on chat and let us help you.


Clutches wear out, transmissions require fresh fluids and filters, and there are always opportunities to improve performance. Got questions? Let’s talk.


We offer in house alignments. We recommend having your alignments executed once a year to ensure maximum life of your tires.


You’re a busy person — don’t let car problems get in your way. There are a wide variety of problems that can occur with your vehicle, and AV Motorsport has the proper equipment and experience to locate, repair and/or replace the issue quickly and effectively. Call us to take care of your Paintless Dent Repair needs today, and ensure your vehicle is safe and sound to protect you and your family.

Replacing your spark plugs on time is easy. We are happy to ensure you don’t need a check engine light to remind you to change yours.


Unless you are Magnus Walker, chances are your engine requires coolant to maintain operating temps. From small repairs, to cooling system overhauls and upgrades, we will make cooling system repairs a breeze.


As vehicle performance and vehicle mileage increase, so too does the stress that axles and drivetrains must absorb. From new factory units to performance rebuilds, we’ll give you all the best options and advice.

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